Palm Sunday (C) The ashes we received on our foreheads said, "I will die with Christ. The pleasures and treasures of this world are like ashes compared to the inestimable value of friendship with Jesus." As Lent went on, however, we discovered we were more attached than we realized. We are unfortunately like Jesus' disciples who said, "We will die with you," then all ran away.

How is it that Jesus remained faithful when neither we nor the disciples were able to remain faithful? First, Jesus loves you more than he loves himself. Second, Jesus relies on his Father. The gift of life with Christ is worth any suffering, any sacrifice. Jesus wants you; "The Master has need of you." Pray for the grace to love Jesus more than you love yourself. Pray for the grace to rely on the Father and not on your own strength. Jesus will help us to die with Him so that we can also rise with Him.

(10 Apr 2022)

Going Deeper: What have you learned from your Lenten "successes" and what have you learned from your "failures?" Apply those lessons to this final week of Lent.

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