Holy Thursday • The earthly life of Jesus is coming to a dramatic end. Jesus gathers his closet friends and gives them three precious gifts: the Eucharist, the Priesthood, and the commandment to love others as Christ has loved us. Fr. George and I will wash a few feet. I challenge all the men of the parish to go home and wash their wives' feet. Then husbands and wives together wash your children's feet.

Maybe Peter objected to having his feet washed because he wasn't keen on having to wash the feet of others. "The Priesthood," says St. John Vianney, "is the love of the heart of Jesus." The Eucharist is the heart of Jesus. And the Church is the beloved disciple, the one whom Jesus loves. As we gather at this banquet of love, consider what it cost to provide this meal. Are we prepared to love others as Christ has loved us? Are we prepared to feed others as Christ has fed us? Are we willing to wash the feet of others?

(14 Apr 2022)

Going Deeper: Have a little family prayer service where the father washes his wife's feet, then together they wash their children's feet. If you live alone, call or visit a lonely friend or neighbor. Ask what they need prayers for and then pray with them.

Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels