Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord's Supper • We often think of the past and the future as a straight line. Jesus is seen as an historic figure. Easter is a re-enactment of Jesus' death and resurrection. We might also conceptualize Jesus as a future event, his second coming in judgement. Meanwhile, we try to follow his example of a sin-free life until our judgement day.

However, it's much more accurate to think of time as a spiral, moving back over the same ground again and again but in new ways. The day and the week repeat themselves. The year is like a big spiral made up smaller spirals. While the earth spins on itself and around the sun, the sun remains a present reality, anchoring the earth and staying steady.

With this concept of time, we can begin to realize that Jesus is not just a past reality and a future reality. Jesus is a present reality, the one constant in our changing world. It's not just that once Jesus WAS Emmanuel, but rather that Jesus revealed that he IS "God-with-us". Our lives may be going around in circles, but Jesus is the ever-present and grounding reality. If we focus on the things spinning around us, we get really dizzy. Faith is about recognizing the stable patterns and relationships that underpin the instability.

Where is Jesus now? He's right here, working through my hands to bless, heal, wash and forgive you. Jesus also uses your hands to bless, feed, wash and serve. The Risen Lord lives within us and he gives his love to the world through us. Jesus washed my feet last year, and it's my turn to wash your feet. I have particularly invited men from our parish to have their feet washed. Those who have received washing should go home and wash their wives' feet, their mom's feet, or serve their elderly neighbors. During these three holy days, allow Jesus to love you, and let Jesus love others through you.

(28 Mar 2024)

Going Deeper: Consider starting a family tradition of feet washing to commemorate Holy Thursday. How can you allow yourself to be served by Jesus at Easter time? How can you serve others joyfully in the name of Jesus?

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