Holy Thursday, Last Supper • The Jewish people gathered every year to commemorate their freedom from slavery in Egypt. They could not have known that their meal of unleavened bread and unblemished lamb was preparing for something much greater. Today we celebrate the Last Supper where Jesus changed the Jewish Passover into the Eucharist.

The Eucharist itself is like an appetizer for the heavenly banquet. As we gather year after year for this Holy Thursday, we cannot possibly glimpse the Heavenly meal here foreshadowed. But this meal is also a present reality. Through the mystery and miracle of the Eucharist, you take a seat at the Last Supper. Jesus washes your feet and breaks the bread for you. Jesus loves you as the Father has loved him.

Will you let yourself be changed by his love? Judas walked with the Lord and was loved by Jesus. He went through all of the motions even of receiving Communion but he didn't receive God's love. What about you -- have you given Jesus permission to love you? Do not just open your mouth to receive Communion; open your heart to enter into Communion. Jesus gives himself so that you can become one flesh with your Savior. Walk these three days with Jesus and you will be changed forever.

Going Deeper: How has the love of Jesus changed you? How does it continue to change you? Go home from this meal and wash the feet of your wives and children. Make plans to walk all three days of the Triduum with Jesus.

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