Better than Having it All (11:30)

Ordinary Time, 15th Sunday. We have looked at some plans for rebuilding St. Anthony School. We have lots of exciting ideas, but one thing is clear -- we can't have it all. We have to decide what really matters the most. The same thing happens in our own lives. We can have all kinds of wonderful things, but we can't have it all. We certainly want our lives to be comfortable and successful, but not at the expense of preparing for eternal life. Babies spend 9 months in the womb. Whether they enjoy that time is not important; what is important is whether they use that time to prepare themselves for life in the real world. In the same way, we spend a few years here on earth and then we are sent on to the next life. We have to certainly do good here, but more importantly we have to prepare for the next life. If we choose to live for ourselves, we will not be ready for what comes next. We can't have it all, but we can have the God who made it all -- and that's even better than having it all!

(15 Jul 2012)