Ordinary Time, 11th Sunday (A) I just returned from my 12th pilgrimage to Champion Shrine. I feel most like a shepherd when I am on walking pilgrimage. I find myself counting my sheep and making sure they are all on the right track. A pilgrimage is a public witness to the importance of faith.

Jesus calls the Apostles by name and reveals the Father's love to them. Then he sends them out to their Jewish brothers. They must remind them who God is and who they are. We, too, must witness to brothers and sisters who have forgotten who they are and who God is.

When men fail to love as the Father loves, the people around them feel like sheep without a shepherd. Men must guide, provide for, and protect God's children. The most important step is to get down on our knees and admit to Got that we need his help. Love is our mission and God will help us to fulfill it.

(18 June 2023)

Going Deeper: How can you more intentionally love the ones around you with the heart of Jesus and Mary? How would your community look different if every Christian loved in this way?

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