Ordinary Time, 12th Sunday (A) Security leads to maturity. Maturity leads to purity, that is, to the ability to truly love people. Despite the appearances of security, many of us are affected by a deep feeling of insecurity. We might turn to money, success, or a spouse for a sense of security, but none can give us true security.

Jeremiah finds security in God's love for him. Through my 30 day retreat, God showed me that he had always been with me. Many of us think that God is mad at them or disappointed in them. The truth is that Jesus died, not for "everyone", but for each of us.

When you become rooted in God's love for you, no one can take it from you. Stay rooted in the security of God's love for you and you will bear much fruit.

(25 Jun 2023)

Going Deeper: Where to I look for for a sense of security? What experiences make me feel insecure?

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