Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) • Moses was the greatest prophet in the Old Testament because he went up the mountain to speak to God face to face. But Jesus is greater because he is God come down the mountain. We can have confidence in Jesus: God really loves me, God knows better than I do, and God can bring good out of evil. Have confidence in Jesus and he will teach you how to teach your children.

(28 Jan 2018)

Point to Ponder: Catholics don't have the same sabbath rules as the Israelites did, be we are still called to keep Sunday holy and a day of rest. How does working on Sunday reveal a lack of confidence in Christ?

Point to Discuss: Read more about the the Lord's Day. Talk to your family about what a day of rest would look like for all of you.

Point for Action: Make some concrete steps to avoid cleaning, shopping, and generally treating Sunday as a work day. Instead plan to play, rest, relax, and enjoy each other and God's creation this Sunday.

From Fr. Mike