Easter Sunday of the Resurrection • Last year we couldn't attend Easter Masses due to Covid restrictions. It was strange and different but came with unexpected blessings. The experience reminded me of the Emmaus optional Easter reading. The two disciples in the story had lost faith and hope. But Jesus walked with them and explained how his suffering and death was all part of God's plan. It restored their faith and hope. They invite him to stay with them and experience the Eucharist, the sacramental presence of the Risen Jesus. It also points us to his presence with us every day.

Do you just want to connect with Jesus on Easter Sunday, and walk the rest of your life alone? Or do you want him to stay with you the rest of the week and the rest of the year?

Two questions: 1) When did God become real for you? 2) How would you describe your friendship with Jesus? My friendship with Jesus has moved from a useful friend to someone I listen to, to someone I really want to be with all the time.

I can't guarantee you that your Facebook friends will have all the answers. But I can guarantee you that Jesus has the answer. Not only does he have the answers, but He is the answer you've been looking for. And he's walking with you today.

Going Deeper: Answer the two questions: When did God become real for you? How would you characterize your friendship with Jesus? Did you find unexpected blessings in last year's "unprecedented" Easter? How is God's loving presence surprising you this Easter?

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