Easter, Ascension (B) Jesus ascends into heaven. The ancients understood that he is now seated at the vantage point, from which he can see all things and direct his servants to victory. He has made our captivity his captive and has given gifts to men. These "gifts" are the prophets, Apostles, teachers and Evangelists that serve God's people and build them up.

Today, I particularly want to highlight the gift of motherhood. Mothers nourish and cherish life and help it to grow big and strong. In Christ, motherhood takes on a new dimension. Christian mothers are not only physically fruitful, but also spiritually fruitful, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

I don't know any woman who doesn't struggle with "Mom guilt". God is with us and he sees the big picture. Be whom you were called to be, and do the little that God is asking you to do, and your "Yes" will change the world.

(12 May 2024)

Going Deeper: How did your Mother's "Yes" to God change her, and you?

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