The Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (C) The family springs from the communion of persons between husband and wife. True communion only happens when we make a total gift of ourselves to another.

Instead of preparing for a covenant, modern consumer couples are preparing themselves for a contract. They start the free trial of each other for months or years until finally, two kids into the relationship, they decide to sign on the bottom line. But now they have years of practice giving some, but holding some back from each other. The magic of marriage only happens when we give ourselves completely.

We are supposed to learn this from our parents and grandparents. But too often now, children are not actually raised by their parents. They are raised by daycare, school teachers, and the state. God gives us a church family to support us. God also blesses us with the gift of the Holy Family. Mary and Joseph will help you. If you do your job well, your children will discover the same thing that Jesus does: I am a child of God. You will reveal the face of God to your child, and your child will reveal the face of God to you.

(26 Dec 2021)

Going Deeper: Dearest Pietro... I really want to make you happy and to be what you desire: good, understanding, and ready for the sacrifices that life will require of us.... Now there is you whom I already love and to whom I intend to give myself to form a truly Christian family....
My dearest Gianna... A new life is beginning for me: the line of your great (and greatly desired) affection and your radiant goodness. We are starting the journey of our love. I love you, my dearest Gianna...
(from Magnificat, December 2021)

Thank you to my family of origin and my church family. Image by Giotto from the Web Gallery of Art.