Easter, 6th Sunday. Why do so many marriages fail? Selfishness. Many spouses are not prepared for the depth of communication and partnership that is required in marriage. You can't live "your own life" -- the "I" has to die so a "we" can be born.

The same thing goes for our relationship with God. So many times I have expected God to support me in living my life, and otherwise stay out of my way. I was not aware of the depth of communication and partnership that was required in my relationship with God. God dreams of "I in you and you in me" -- the "I" has to die so a "we" can be born.

The first reading shows what We can do. Philip is casting out demons and healing the sick. Philip isn't able to do that on his own, but with Christ in him, amazing things are possible. God calls men to serve as priests and deacons. Live out of your relationship with God and He will call you to amazing things.

How do we live the We of faith in Christ? We have to be willing to put the other first. St. Paul says, Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts. Jesus says it this way: If you love me, you will keep my commandments. A woman who loves her husband does what he asks. She doesn't do it out of force or fear, but because she trusts him to take care of her and her family.

Following God's commandments is the first step, but then we have to go deeper. Just like a marriage requires communication, so our relationship with God requires communication. We have to both talk and listen, give and receive. I start my day with prayer and try to enter into that We. Then I try and live the rest of my day out of the We relationship. Because every day most things are way to big for me to handle alone, but there's nothing We can't handle together.

(25 May 2014)