Pentecost Sunday. The Spirit wants to restore our relationships with God and others. The key to any relationship is Communication; we need to hear and to be heard. So the first thing the Spirit does is restore communication between people of every language. Communication leads to Community. Our sin wounds community. The word sin comes from the German word sünde (to sunder, divide). The Spirit forgives sin so our relationships can be restored.

Communication is also essential in our relationship with God. We have to hear and be heard; we have to share with God and learn to listen and respond to Him. The Spirit gives little nudges to move us from the grasping and isolation of consumerism into the receiving and giving of true relationship. Come Holy Spirit!

(24 May 2015)

Point to Ponder: When have you used social media to avoid feeling isolated, and it only made things worse?

Point to Discuss: Reconnect with a family member or friend you haven't talked to in a while. Tell them about the great homilies at *SMILEY*