Christ the King of the Universe (A) It's the end of the world and we all need to pass the final exam. If you have come to church the last three weeks, you now know the test questions.

  1. Are you Wise or Foolish?
  2. What have you done with the gifts I gave you?
  3. How have you treated the poor? The King of Kings is seated on his glorious throne and all the nations are gathered in front of him. The king judges the people on how they treated him. When they protest that they have never seen him before, he responds, "Whatever you did for one of the least brothers of mine, you did for me."

It sometimes appears as if God is letting people get away with murder and everything else. We might prefer that God would sort things out right now and then there was no final exam and we all got a pass into eternity. On the other hand, we often act as though, since no one else as preparing for the test, we don't have to, either.

The truth is, no one gets away with anything. Our Teacher is present with us in humble and quiet ways. We are often not humble enough or quiet enough to notice him. Advent is a great time for us to learn to be a little more quiet and humble, so we can start preparing today for our final exam.

(26 Nov 2023)

Going Deeper: Are you ever guilty of thinking, "No one else cares about what God teaches, so I won't either?" Or, "No one as looking so it doesn't matter?" At the end of the world, what are some things you did secretly that will testify in your favor when they come to light?

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