Advent, 1st Sunday (B) Last week I spoke about the three questions that will be on your Final Exam. If we are busy doing the things we are supposed to be doing, we have nothing to worry about. But are we really doing what Jesus told us to do? That is the question for our Advent season.

We know that God is with us. The world that surrounds us is His Creation. Are you watching for the reminders of his presence? Think back to last Christmas... what were the things you really enjoyed? Did you notice the light and peace of the Christ Child? How did God answer your prayers last year, care for you, and provide for you?

How easily we forget that God is with us. Watch for Him and remember where you saw him.

(3 Dec 2023)

Going Deeper: Do a review of your last Christmas. Maybe just scroll through a year's worth of pictures and notice where God was with you. Spend time giving thanks.

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