Advent, 1st Sunday (A) I helped track a deer. We looked for a long time in the dark before we finally found one little drop of blood. We followed the trail and found the deer closer than we expected.

Advent can often feel like wandering in the darkness looking for the presence of Jesus. Take time each day to journal to this question, "Where did I see Jesus today?" You'll soon notice God's presence more and more, and closer than you expected.

Not only do we live in Creation, but we ourselves are creation. Do you notice that each person is a unique image of God and precious to him? Do you treat yourself with reverence as a unique masterpiece of God? This idea is the root of Catholic teaching on sexuality and gender identity. St. Paul knows the danger of identifying ourselves by our sexual activity or the 'desires of our flesh.' These are deep parts of who we are. But they are not the deepest part of who we are. We were created by God our Father, redeemed by Jesus Christ, and called by the Holy Spirit. This is our true identity.

Accepting nature as a gift from God frees us from stumbling in the darkness of error and confusion. Follow the Precious Blood walk in the Light of Christ. He will reveal to you the true depth of what it means to be human.
O House of Israel Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord!

(1 Dec 2019)

Going Deeper: Visit Walt Heyer's website and educate yourself about this important contemporary issue. Offer a prayer for those who struggle this particular area of their life. How can you see others more clearly as an image of God? How do you look different when viewed in the light of God's love? Where did you see Jesus today?

Brother Priest Powered by the Son sunburst radiating from a chalice
Radiant New Artwork for the 2020 Podcast Album

How can the Catholic Church be running out of steam? We have a power source greater than the sun! So many Christians are not experiencing the power of Jesus for the simply reason that they are plugged in to everything but Jesus. Welcome to the 2020 podcast year: it's bright, bold, radiant, and hopeful! This year is all about the power of Jesus to change hearts, minds, and lives. He is the ultimate source of renewable energy. A bright future awaits for those who are Powered by the Son.