First Sunday of Advent (A) A lot of work goes into welcoming guests for a holiday meal. The whole family needs to help clean, tidy, decorate, prepare food, and dress for success. Advent is a time to prepare, and not just for a family visit, but for a visit from the King himself.

How did Jesus come to be king? He and his Father made everything that is. The whole world that surrounds us belongs to God, and he gave it to his Son as a gift. God chose Jesus to be the King.

Why would the King come to see me? Each of us is entirely unique. We tend to see ourselves as an "oops"; we wonder why we exist. You exist because God wanted you to exist! You are like others but different, not because you are worse or better, but because each of us is handmade. You image God in an entirely unique and unrepeatable way. God wants to visit you because YOU are special to him.

No matter where we look or how hard we try, we never seem to find fulfillment. Am I broken somehow? No! You were made by God and for God. Only God can fulfill you. The yearning that you have for peace, for purpose, for true love, to really matter to someone... those yearnings are really a longing for God. He intends to come to you and bring fulfillment. Advent is about realizing that I can't fulfill myself. Only the King can fulfill me. He is coming to visit me, and I must be ready to welcome him.

(27 Nov 2022)

Going Deeper: Consider a time recently when you have felt that longing of emptiness or unfulfillment. Pray about that experience.

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