Ordinary Time, 19th Sunday (C) Last week I explained how all the things of this world are like so many bubbles. What, then, are the things that don't pop?

Only God IS. Everything else comes from God and depends on God. He is solid, and Faith enables us to stand on Him. Faith teaches us three things: 1) We come from God. 2) We are going to God. 3) God's loving care will lead us to him.

Today's Gospel explains two consequences oft this faith. Why store up bubbles if they are only going to pop? Share them generously and you will bless others and God, in turn, will bless you. Secondly, you should be prepared to pop at any moment. Our Lord and Master is also a servant. Serve him faithfully here and now and he will serve you in eternity.

(7 Aug 2022)

Going Deeper: Have I been a faithful servant of Jesus? What is one way I can worry less about this world and be better prepared for eternity?

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