Ordinary Time, 18th Sunday (C) King Solomon had wealth, power, privilege and pleasure. At the end of his life, he looks back and realizes they are so many bubbles. They float, they shimmer, but the moment you grasp one, it pops.

Jesus tells a parable of a rich man who has more bubbles than he knows what to do with. So he builds bigger barns to hold all his bubbles. That night, *poof*, his life pops. We will all stand before the judgement seat of God, and God is not going to be impressed with the size of your bank account. What will God be impressed with? What does it mean to be rich in what matters to God?

“The only thing we take with us when we die is what we have given away." -- Cardinal Francis George

Jesus wants to share his inheritance with you. When we give generously, we trade our bubbles for something worth far more. You can hold a bubble if you let it rest gently in your hand. We will enjoy the things of this world more when we don't try to cling to them. Give away your bubbles generously until you yourself go *poof*.

(31 July 2022)

Going Deeper: Picture the things in your life like so many bubbles. How does their value change when you realize they can go *poof* at any moment?

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