Lent, 2nd Sunday (A) At the Transfiguration, Jesus glows with heavenly light. Perhaps he is seeing the Beatific Vision? This fancy term refers to the fact that the saints in heaven see God and are overawed by his indescribable beauty and glory. Seeing God is the primary source of happiness in heaven.

Jesus gave up seeing the Beatific Vision when he became incarnate. Perhaps now, just a few weeks before his death on the cross, Jesus is given a glimpse of his Father's face. The disciples cannot see God but they see the glory of God reflected in Jesus. Even the reflected glory is so delightful that they want to stay there forever.

Right now, God the Father is gazing at you with the same love, delight, and glory with which he looks at Jesus. Sometimes we can catch a glimpse of God's delight. I had a mountain-top experience through a retreat with the John Paul II Healing Center. The retreat team was very welcoming and loving. My fellow priests were wonderful human beings. In one way or another we each experienced God's delight in us.

As a result of this, the people I encountered seemed so much more delightful. It was like I could see God's delight in them, and hopefully they could see the light of God's love reflected in my face.

Believe it or not, Mass is meant to be a mountain-top experience. We leave our ordinary life and come to a special place where we can experience God's delight in us, his beloved children. Then we come down the mountain glowing with delight. May God make his face shine on you so you can be delight.

(5 Mar 2023)

Going Deeper: Reflect on the OCP Heritage Missal cover, which appears to be the same this year as it was last year.

Icon of the Transfiguration
image of the transfiguration with Jesus Moses and Elijah

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