Ordinary Time, 3rd Sunday (A) Why did the disciples drop everything to follow Jesus? They were expecting him to be the King, and his kingdom to be a kind of paradise on earth. Instead, Jesus went and got himself killed. Did they really want to follow a crucified Messiah? In the end, almost all of them did follow him to the cross.

We all want to be happy. But we end up looking for happiness like a blind pig rooting for truffles. Happiness seems to always elude us; the things we think will make us happy end up disappointing. Why can't we find the road to happiness? It happens to be the very opposite of what we would choose for ourselves. To find lasting happiness we have to take up our crosses and walk the way of self-giving love.

(22 Jan 2023)

Going Deeper: When did an unwanted sacrifice turn out to be an unexpected blessing for you? How would your life look different it you embraced your crosses instead of trying to run from them?

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