Ordinary Time, 32nd Sunday.

God is life; He shares His life with His creatures. If we reject the Lordship of God, we separate ourselves from God and cut off the source of His life. This leads to spiritual death now, and death forever.

Jesus was sent to earth with the mission to win the victory once and for all over sin and death by fully accepting the Lordship of the Father. He left the Church with this same mission. We are called to accept the Lordship of God and so experience this victory over sin and death. We are also called to bring others to Jesus, and to bring Jesus to others.

Each and every Baptized and Confirmed Catholic is part of the mission of the Church. God has not only given us a mission, but also gifts to accomplish this mission. We need your gifts. Pray for God to show you your gifts that you might accomplish your mission, because the Gospel is a matter of life and death.

(10 Nov 2013)