The Nativity of the Lord, Mass at Dawn. The Son of God looks like... us! We are made in the image and likeness of God. The Child reveals two things: 1) Who God is and 2) Who we are. The family is a portal into Heaven where God sends His gifts of life and love. Joseph protects and provides for the family; Mary receives and nourishes the gift of life. We can meet God in the family and we can also meet God at Mass. At Mass we hold the Son of God in our hands. We can experience the Peace and Joy of our sonship whenever we give glory to God in the highest. Happy Birthday dear Jesus!

(25 Dec 2014)

Point to Ponder: How can I glorify God in "my today"?

Point to Discuss: Talk about someone who has been a spiritual mother or father to you. What do you admire most about them?