Fourth Sunday of Lent (Year B) • Obedience to God flows from faith in God. Noah, Abraham, and all the rest are asked to trust God and to do what God asks. The Israelites often broke the covenant by refusing to do what God asked. But there is another way of breaking the covenant. Sometimes the people would go through the motions of loving God, without really loving God. Like a married couple who does all the right things, but hasn't given their hearts to each other. Like a priest who seems to do a really good job but doesn't actually love God. So Christians who do all the right things but haven't given their hearts to God. Such works cannot save us. Where is your heart?

(11 Mar 2018)

Point to Ponder: Have I really given my heart to my spouse? When and how did it happen? (or if single: When did I fall in love with Jesus?)

Point to Discuss: It's hard to tell when we haven't given our hearts, especially when we wanted to and thought we did. What are some of the warning signs for a marriage, a priest, or a Christian that their heart isn't in the right place? Discuss with a friend or a spouse.

Point for Action: Read my article Lent is All About Love again and reexamine your Lent in light of the call to love God and neighbor wholeheartedly.