Ordinary Time, 14th Sunday (B) Life is not meant to be easy. The more we try to live a comfortable life, the more miserable we become. When Jesus comes to save us, he doesn't come to take away our pain and suffering. He comes to suffer with us and to suffer for us.

Have you had a moment yet when God became real for you? For many, it happened when they experienced suffering. The very thing we run from, the very thing we try so hard to numb and avoid, actually is the place we are most likely to experience God.

God needs to give us suffering, hardships, and thorns in the flesh to shake us out of our self-reliance. The "perfect Catholic mom" is the one who accepts her weaknesses and relies on God's strength, not on herself. A Christian man knows that when he is too weak to rely on himself, it is then that he is truly strong.

(7 Jul 2024)

Going Deeper: When have you experienced weakness such that you had no choice but to rely on God?

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