Ordinary Time, 13th Sunday (B) Disintegration, disharmony, dis-ease, destruction... this is spiritual death. Through the envy of the devil it entered the world. As long as we remain in the devil's company we will experience all these things.

It's not that Jesus hands out cures to this or that problem; Jesus himself is the cure. When we are in his company, we experience integration, harmony, freedom and peace. Jesus enters some of the worst possible human experiences: chronic illness and the death of a child. He touches the sufferers and restores them to their true identity as beloved children of God.

On this day 17 years ago, I was ordained a priest at the cathedral in Green Bay. The biggest blessing of priesthood is when I can help people share their difficulty, burden, or pain with Jesus: They experience healing, peace, love and freedom. I get to be in the room as Jesus is curing the sick and raising the spiritually dead.

(30 June 2024)

Going Deeper: When have you felt spiritually alive? When have you felt spiritually dead? Do you know how to share your burdens with Jesus?

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