Ordinary Time, 14th Sunday (B)

The people of Nazareth reject Jesus because they think they know all about him. Many of us have had the misfortune of growing up Catholic. We got enough Jesus to inoculate us against the Gospel but not enough to actually save us.

St. Paul grew up as Jew in a pagan town. He studied with some of the best rabbis of his day. He thought he knew all about Judaism. But he missed the whole point: Jesus. Now that he knows the truth, God allows him to continue to experience weakness so he won't get too confident in himself.

If we think we have Jesus figured out, then we probably have it wrong. Only when we realize we don't know everything about Jesus can God begin to unfold the true gift of his Son. Our Savior is humble, obedient, and charitable. Be like Jesus.

(4 Jul 2021)

Going Deeper: How has God opened your eyes to the true meaning of Christianity? What more do you want to learn? How can you grow? Meditate on these questions and ask God to continue to open your eyes.

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