Ordinary Time, 15th Sunday (B) At your Baptism, you were blessed, chosen, and destined. You were incorporated into the Beloved, that is, Jesus. We weren't "holy and without blemish", so Jesus died for you. Then you were sealed with the Holy Spirit at your Confirmation. All you had to do was hope in Christ, hear, and believe.

We who have been chosen, blessed, and sent no longer belong to this world. We are passing through. God will take care of his chosen ones. So why do we focus so much energy on money and fundraisers?

Why are we all so short on time? I would contend it's because you don't give time to God. Start by giving God the first hour of the first day of the week. Then give God at least 15 minutes of quality time each day. The Church can't focus on the right things if Christians aren't focused on Christ.

(11 July 2021)

Going Deeper: Does your parish put more focus and energy on casting out demons and healing the sick or on parish fundraising events? Make a commitment to quality time with God every single day and watch what happens to your time.

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