Ordinary Time, 17th Sunday (B)

My annual paddle trip was a big success. I paddled 90 miles in 8 days. I returned to the same place I had left, but I was changed in some way. I saw a simple way of living and that less is more.

A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place that changes us. The gospel of John 6 begins with a pilgrimage. The people go out into the wilderness in search of something more than everyday life. They recline (an attitude of receiving) and God blesses them with more. So much of an abundance, in fact, that they have some left over.

Do you realize that Mass itself is a pilgrimage? We all leave our homes and make a journey to a holy place, the holy mountain that is your local Catholic church. You have come to Mass because you aren't willing to settle for what the world is willing to offer you. You have come here looking for more. This weekly pilgrimage reminds us that life itself is a journey. You were made for more!

One sign that we are on pilgrimage is that we are all fasting. We have to fast from food for one hour before receiving Holy Communion. Empty your mouth. Empty your stomach. Open yourself to the *more* that God wants to give you! Instead of bringing all that stuff here, try to bring what is here back home with you.

(25 Jul 2021)

Going Deeper: Fasting means more than just not eating food. Consider also fasting from screens, noise, news, and other distractions on Sunday mornings before Mass.
How were you changed by this week's pilgrimage to Sunday Mass?

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