Ordinary Time, 4th Sunday (B) Moses prophecies: A prophet like me will the LORD, your God, raise up for you from among your own kin; to him you shall listen. The scribe finishes the book of Deuteronomy with these words: Since then no prophet has arisen in Israel like Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face. (Deuteronomy 18:15, 34:10)

A new prophet arises who has not only seen God's face, but is the very one who spoke to Moses on the mountain. Jesus teaches with the authority of God himself. No demon, nor even Satan himself, nor all the demons together, can stand against the authority of Jesus.

Then what about the demons that afflict me, literally or figuratively -- why has Jesus not cast them out? When we struggle with demons of repeated sin, anger, addiction, abuse, and hopelessness, we find that we have got ourselves into a situation that we cannot get ourselves out of. There is an area in your life where you have not welcomed Jesus and given him authority. Evil grows in the darkness and remains hidden until you draw near the Light.

It is in the synagogue that the man finds healing. So come to church, demons and all. Unlock your heart and open it to the power of Jesus' love.

(31 Jan 2021)

Going Deeper: What are some of the literal or figurative demons that afflict you? How can you invite Jesus in, or what do you need to turn over to Jesus? Pray the Surrender Novena a few (hundred) times.

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