Ordinary Time, 6th Sunday (C) Leprosy was contagious and incurable. The leper had to quarantine by going out into deserted places and crying, "Unclean." Jesus touches the untouchable; he loves the unlovable; he cures the incurable. Even to this day, he touches sinners in the sacrament of Confession.

In the name of Jesus, St. Damien of Molokai touched the untouchable, loved the unlovable, and cured those who had lost a sense of meaning. There are people all around you suffering from spiritual leprosy. Let's make Lent an opportunity for love. Perhaps you could give up things that get in the way of loving God and neighbor. Maybe you don't need to do anything different, but instead start doing everything as an act of love.

14 Feb 2021

Going Deeper: "Wash the plate, not because it is dirty, not because you are told to wash it, but because you love the person who will use it next. - St. Teresa of Calcutta

Reflect on how God loved you at Christmas, and how you can share His love with others this Lent. Let's make Lent all about love!

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