Good Friday of the Lord's Passion • Time and again the Jewish people were unfaithful to God. But God always remained faithful to them. Finally rejected by his people, abandoned and betrayed by his friends, Jesus hangs on the Cross. From his parched lips comes the cry, "I thirst."

He thirsts for you! Like he was thirsty when he asked the woman at the well, "Give me a drink." He thirsts for your faith, your love. He desires to satisfy you and to fill your life with meaning and hope. Though you have been unfaithful, God remains faithful. You cannot kill God and you cannot kill God's love for you.

Why would the Lord allow us to be exiled from our parishes? Why would he let his people be deprived of the Bread of Life? Perhaps he wants us to thirst for him. We have barely tasted the depths of Jesus' hunger and thirst for us. Isn't it time you gave him a drink? There is no other well that will satisfy you. Come and receive living water from his open side.

(10 Apr 2020)

Going Deeper: Do you long for the Eucharist? How has this longing deepened your faith, love, and hope in Jesus?