Easter, 3rd Sunday. What makes Peter brave? He met the risen Jesus. What fills the disciples with joy? They meet the risen Jesus. Why do Catholics today look sad, timid, shy, and fearful? They haven't met the risen Jesus. The Gospel shows us five places we can look for God:

  1. In the world He created.
  2. In good friends.
  3. In Scripture.
  4. In the Sacraments.
  5. In the depths of our heart.
If God is in so many places, why don't we notice Him? Because we aren't living in a contemplative way. We fill up the silence with noise and activity and miss the quiet presence of God. Living life in a contemplative way means we begin to realize that we are always in the presence of God. Look and Listen, and the risen Jesus will meet you.

(4 May 2014)