Pentecost Sunday · Jesus rises from the dead and he is poised to conquer the world. Instead, he sends us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit makes every Christian a Christ: members of His body, children of the Father, temples of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables Christ continues His work through His Church.

At the Annunciation all Mary has to do is cooperate with the Spirit. God will do the rest. In the same way, the work of conversion and Salvation is God's work. God will do the rest if we only cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Our hearts are divided between the Holy Spirit and our Enemy, the evil spirit. The Bad Spirit discourages us, tears us down, and makes us feel anxious and trapped. The Good Spirit gives us peace, joy, and tells us it will be OK. Keep out the Bad Spirit; stir up the Holy Spirit!

(15 May 2016)

Point to Ponder: When have you heard the voice of the Evil Spirit?

Point to Discuss: Discuss with a friend the lies that the Evil Spirit has told you and the truths that the Good Spirit is trying to tell you. Talk about ways to ignore the Enemy.