Easter, 6th Sunday (C) I used to think I would find peace when my problems disappeared. That turned out not to be the case. Here are four words that will help you identify the real source of peace.

Presence. "Peace is not the absence of trouble. Peace is the presence of God." We always feel peace when God is near. God is always with us but we aren't always with him. Like a child lost in the mall--stop searching so hard and peace will find you.

Power. Too many anxious Christians think that their desperate activity is the only thing preventing the world from hurtling irretrievably into disaster. Do you not know that Jesus holds all the power? Not just some of the power, or that one day he will conquer; he has all the power right now.

Plan. And he has a plan. His plan is better than yours. Our second reading reminds us that there will be a happy ending. Instead of figuring out how to make it happen, just learn to cooperate with God's plan.

Past. When I look to the past and remember how God has taken care of me, it's a little easier to look ahead and trust that he will take care of this, too.

Receive peace from God and share it with others. Let us become missionaries of peace.

(22 May 2022)

Photo by Monstera and The Chosen

Going Deeper: Watch a short video on the Maronite Rite. The sign of peace appears at 1:57.