The Epiphany of the Lord (TEC Retreat Homily) There are some similarities between a TEC Retreat and the Three Wise Men: they left their home country, endured discomforts, found the Christ Child, and went home by a different way. They brought the things that had been the most important to them, and they laid those things at the feet of Jesus. A relationship with Him was their new most important thing.

Many of you have had a great experience away on retreat. Now you are afraid of what will happen when you return to your old life. How can you go back by another way? Take a look at these two images:


creation of Adam Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo
The Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel by Michaelangelo


The Calling of Matthew by Caravggio
The Calling of Matthew by Caravaggio

In both images, God is wanting a relationship with you. When we experience Consolation, life seems bright and it is easy and simple to be in a relationship with God. When we are in Desolation, life seems dark and cluttered and its hard to find God. But God is still there no matter what. Stay focused on God in the bright times and the dark times.

No one knows Jesus better than Mother Mary. I've experienced her loving care for me. She always knows where Jesus is. Stay close to her and she will help you stay close to Jesus.

icon of mary holding the christ child
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon

(12 Jan 2020)

Going Deeper: Learn more about Anchor of Hope TEC. Consider a consecration to Mary such as 33 Days to Morning Glory or get a copy of Fr. Looney's book A Heart Like Mary's.

Thank you Jody for recording this homily!