All Saints • The term "Saint" refers to those who have officially been approved for public veneration by a Vatican process, which is referred to a "canonization." The word "saint" also comes from the French word for holy. It refers to all the "holy ones" who have arrived in heaven with God forever. Even though they are out of sight, we are still connected with them.

Let's try and picture us from the point of view of the saints. They are like the fans in the stadium seats as we fight on the field. They are like older brothers and sisters waiting for their little siblings to be born into eternity.

We were made by Love and for Love. The saints just did what they were made to do; they were the best at loving God and their neighbor. Some were very mean and selfish at first but then they changed. Some changed suddenly and others changed slowly. Eventually they were ready to enter heaven.

There is no bullying, lying, or cheating in heaven. So if you bully, lie, and cheat, you can't get into heaven. Because there is no evil in heaven, we have to be free of evil before you can enter heaven. You have to be a saint to go to heaven! The Holy Spirit helps us become what we were made to be. Just say Yes to God and No to the enemy, and one day some Catholic School student will be dressing like you for All Saints Day!

(1 Nov 2022)

Going Deeper: Picture your daily life from the point of view of the saints. Do some worries and troubles look a little smaller? Do some insignificant things suddenly matter more?

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