Easter, 5th Sunday (A) We often think of a vocation is a special call from God. Some are called to be priests or deacons, to join religious life or marriage. Many of us keep our heads down and hope God doesn't call on us. Or maybe you have been waiting for a call and wondering why it hasn't come through.

Then you clearly weren't paying attention to our second reading. Jesus has called you to be a living stone in his temple. You are a royal nation, a holy priesthood. You offer to God the daily sacrifice of loving others and serving God in the world. Your sacrifices come together at Holy Mass. You receive the gift of Jesus and you take him to every corner of the county.

A television has nothing to offer unless it is tuned to a signal. In the same way, we are called to be tuned in to God so others see His image in us. Come to Mass; we have good reception. Make time to pray each day. Find ways to reduce the "noise" around you so you can tune in more easily. The Church doesn't just have a vocation; the Church is a vocation. Are you tuning in to your vocation?

(7 May 2023)

Going Deeper: Try fasting from screens and unnecessary cellphone or media usage and see if your reception improves.

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