Easter, 6th Sunday (A) What does St. Peter mean when he says, "Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts"? He is inviting us to set apart a special place in our lives for Jesus. Monasteries have a cloister that is closed to the world but open to the heavens. So our hearts must have a place that is open to the presence of God but protected from the world.

Mothers receive a tiny gift of life. They nourish and cherish it, and it grows into a 9-pound baby. In a similar way God's gifts often seem insignificant. But it we cherish them, they will grow strong. Set apart a time in your day and a place in your home for God. Every Sunday at Mass, open your heart to receive God's gifts and then save and treasure that gift.

(14 May 2023)

Going Deeper: Bring a journal to Mass, and journal the one gift you received today. Cherish that gift, meditate on it often, and see what will grow.

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