Advent, 3rd Sunday (B) If we sat down to list all the things that are wrong with the world, we would be here a while. Then we look at Christmas and it makes very little sense. How does one day with family opening presents fix any of the world's problems? The first Christmas makes even less sense: one more mouth to feed, and a homeless family.

You must understand that the Bible diagnoses the fundamental problem with the world as this: creatures have lost connection with their creator. We are children who have forgotten that we have a father. Without that fundamental relationship, we are lost and desperate. We grasp at things and overpower one another.

God responds, not with a plan to eliminate poverty or a vaccine to inoculate us against death, but by coming to meet us in the most innocent way possible. Jesus is willing to be the powerless creature that we refuse to be. Even though we have often forgotten God or kept him at a distance, God has never been far from us. The Incarnation is a visible sign of the invisible reality that God is with us.

When we begin to watch for the Lord to come, we begin to notice that God is with us. I pray you get to hold the Baby Jesus and fall in love this Christmas.

(17 Dec 2023)

Going Deeper: Spend 5 minutes in quiet prayer just holding the Baby Jesus. What is in His heart for you?

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