Pentecost Sunday. Mass at the Oconto County Breakfast on the Farm.

Today the Church receives the gift of the Holy Spirit. This Spirit has been moving since the beginning of the world. The Spirit blows through our world and gives life. Today we have become so immersed in the man-made world that we tend to forget that we are not in control. We fall into a desperate, frenetic running to try and stay ahead and stay in control. The farm calls us back to our roots as creatures of God's creation and invites us to a different way of living. We are like a little boy who helps our Daddy with the chores. We don't have to be in charge or control. As co-creators, we can take care of the part we have been given and leave the rest to our heavenly Father. The Spirit of God speaks to us even in the midst of our busyness and invites us to experience peace by cooperating with God. Move with the Spirit.

(8 Jun 2014)