Easter, 5th Sunday (B) Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. We were grafted onto Jesus at our Baptism. We must remain in Him and draw much life from Jesus.

The branches need pruning. The gardener must get rid of overgrowth so the energy from the vine can go to making good fruits. Fathers need to be good pruners of their family. They need so start by pruning themselves. Prune your words, your actions, and your activities, and you will bear much fruit and become Jesus' disciples.

(28 Apr 2024)

Going Deeper: The priests recently attended a seminar on time management. We were told the time management is really priority management: you figure out what matters most and you put your time into that. Does the way you spend your time match up with your priorities? Ponder this question is you look over your schedule for the upcoming week.

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