Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (A) All that wonderful family togetherness at Christmas may have proven that ours is not the Holy Family. So today we return to Bethlehem. On Christmas we focused on the Christ Child. Now we "zoom out" to learn from Mary and Joseph too.

If you want more peace and love in your family, then love, honor, and obey your parents. Your husband. And Almighty God. St. Joseph was probably the least qualified to lead the Holy Family. The secret to his success was his willingness to listen to God and obey him. Mary obeyed Joseph because Joseph obeyed God. And Jesus obeyed them both. We can only be a team when we have a sense of mission and purpose outside our ourselves. Let us dedicate our family to serving God in the coming year.

(29 Dec 2019)

Going Deeper: How can I be more obedient to God, my husband, and/or my parents? Plan to bless your home together as a family on January 6th.