Christmas Day • Are you afraid of the dark? Most grownups no longer need a night-light. But we hide from the darkness of our past and our fears. Jesus comes to be your friend, a friend who is the Light. He is the answer to the yearnings of your heart. He loves you and wants a relationship with you. What do you have to do? Just leave the door unlocked. Jesus will enter your heart and Christmas will fill your soul.

(25 Dec 2019)

Going Deeper: Every time we take Communion, we are responding to an Altar Call. Jesus wants to give himself to you. Come forward only if you are willing to open your heart to Jesus, and make a gift of yourself to him. Those who aren't Catholic or aren't able to take sacramental communion can come forward with their arms crossed for a blessing. Say AMEN and really mean it. And if you find yourself in church but are not prepared to give yourself to Jesus, then remain in the pew. We respect your journey.