Christmas Day • God created the whole universe. Then God created us in his image and likeness. You might think that between the two, God's goodness would be abundantly obvious. But humans throughout history have believed some pretty strange things. So God decided to reveal his face in the person of Jesus Christ.

The wise men present him with gifts because he himself is the most perfect gift. We continue this tradition of giving a birthday gift to Baby Jesus. The gift that he most wants is you. By dressing up nicely and coming to Mass, you present yourself to Jesus as a gift.

Sometimes we receive a gift and it's not what we were expecting. For many of us, the gift of the Christ Child at Christmas is not what we were hoping for. Maybe we wanted a bicycle, a cure for cancer, or some guidance. Instead, God gives us Baby Jesus once again. We might have to make changes to our lives if we brought him home. Best to leave him under the tree again.

What we don't realize is that Jesus is the answer, not to our wants, but to our deepest needs. We ask for peace and joy, and here he is. We ask for true love, and here he is waiting for you. We pray for guidance and here he is, waiting to walk with you. Instead of giving us the answer, he himself is the answer.

Jesus's birth in Bethlehem 2,023 years ago makes absolutely no difference to your life until you receive him in your heart. When you finally do receive him, this moment makes all the difference in the world. Merry Christmas!

(25 Dec 2023)

Going Deeper: Prepare your heart, then present yourself for Holy Communion by giving yourself completely to Jesus as he gives Himself completely to you.

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