The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (Year B) • Family is a great gift from God. We have to receive this gift and cherish it. We are all responsible for creating a wonderful family. Today we look at St. Joseph. He teaches us three keys to fatherhood: obedience, self-sacrifice, and giving your children back to God. Your family won't be perfect, but if you follow Joseph's example, your family will be holy. And that's what matters in the end.

(31 Dec 2017)

Point to Ponder: I was inspired but one of my relatives who is giving his Christmas bonus to charity. He told me, "I've never gotten a Christmas bonus before. I think every year I'll give my bonus away to charity." Who in your family inspires you?

Point to Discuss: Talk to a family member about what your family does well, and what your family struggles with. Pray together for your family.

Point for Action: Make a plan for how you can contribute to a better family in the next year.