Solemnity of All Saints • Heaven is a wonderful place: no sin, no death, no gossip, no lying, and no bullies. We can't track any of those things into heaven. And that means if we sin, gossip, lie, or bully, then we can't get into heaven!

How could anyone possibly get into heaven? There are four things that give us confidence:

  1. Our Father loves us and wants us to be in Heaven with him forever.
  2. The blood of Jesus can clean anything we're sorry for.
  3. God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us become saints.
  4. We are surrounded by Angels and Saints who are praying for us and helping us make the journey to heaven.

You've all dressed up like saints who inspire and encourage you. But if you live a true Christian life then come all saints day, someone will be dressing up like you.

(11 Nov 2019)

Going Deeper: Did you know someone who lived a life of love, and you're pretty sure they are now in Heaven with God? Give thanks for their life and ask them to help you become a saint too.

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