Easter, 3rd Sunday - First Communion (C) Today we get a "post-credits scene" at the end of the Gospel according to John. Captained by Peter, the Church ship is sailing towards the shores of Heaven. Then the disciples sit down to breakfast with Jesus. Through the hands of priests, Jesus gives us the very best: He feeds us with Himself. He does this so we can be full of true life. You should be so full of Jesus that He's coming out of your mouth! We want to be 'good people.' But Jesus is calling us to be God's people. Ask Mother Mary to help you receive and grow God's gift of life. (5 May 2019)

Going Deeper: Mother Mary treasured her experiences with Jesus and pondered them in her heart. This pondering helped her to be good soil for the Word of God. Ponder the good things God has done in your life. Is there some area of bitterness in your heart that needs to be softened? Talk to Mary about it.

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Going Deeper-er: I loved this Bible passage so much I chose it as the image for my ordination card. See the artwork at BrotherPriest.com and spend a little time reflecting on the image.