The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. Three persons, one God: the Trinity is a family. Or we could say more accurately that the family is a kind of trinity. Our family relationships give us our identity. Similarly, the identity of each member of the Trinity comes from their relationships with one another. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we become members of the family of the Trinity. This is our true identity. Making the Sign of the Cross reminds us who we are. It also reminds us what we do. We must know and love God and love our neighbor. All people are God's children and they are my brothers and sisters. We are Family and Love is our Mission.

(31 May 2015)

Point to Ponder: Make the Sign of the Cross slowly, as a prayer. What do you notice?

Point to Discuss: Talk to a friend about the three persons of the Blessed Trinity. Have you ever seen an image or explanation that was helpful. Which do you identify with most? Which do you have a hard time praying to?