Easter, 2nd - Divine Mercy Sunday (C) Why do we celebrate Divine Mercy after Easter, instead of before? Jesus has won mercy, a gift which his disciples desperately need. As we watched Jesus die for us we learned what True Love really looks like. And now we see how much we fall short. So we come to God for mercy.

We see mercy as a gift we don't deserve. God sees it differently: the gift that God wants to give is the gift of his Friendship. He welcomes us, His unworthy friends, back into friendship with Him. His mercy is endless because he continues to desire a relationship with us. He is always willing to remove the obstacles that we have put between us and our Friend. Jesus is dying to be your friend! Jesus is dying to forgive your sins! Jesus is dying to give you new life!

Mercy isn't just something we receive; it is also something we give. Stay in a relationship with God and you will find the strength to forgive as you have been forgiven. (28 Apr 2019)

Going Deeper: Who is in need of my mercy? Don't let today end without offering someone the gift of mercy.

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